The Approach

South Entrance

There are two entrances to Fairmount that form a U-shaped drive around the house.


The south entrance opens through two stone pillars off Michigan Road.


A stone lined rainwater trough follows along the left side of the drive. 

A natural rock outcropping can be seen in the photo just above the limestone wall. The large white bark tree is a native beech. Wild turkeys living in the wooded river bluffs come by to dine on the tree's nuts. 

The limestone wall continues along Fairmount's west property line, up Michigan Road to the north entrance.

South Entrance

The north entrance offers views of the formal garden and the Ohio River valley.

North Entrance

Carriage Barn

Overhead View

A formal garden, swimming pool, carriage barn, and guest cottage are also located on the property. Both the north and south drives lead to a central parking area behind house.

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